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It’s a 6 week-long diet schedule which consists of 3 key elements: intermittent fasting, carb cycling diet plan, and counting macros on diet.

Pros and cons ꘡Tips & way to faster fat loss journey:

It has become a very popular trend nowadays especially among women. It’s an altogether fitness and nutrition program. In addition to following these 3 diets, you need to do some workouts, also need to track your calorie intake and nutrition on whatever you eat or drink throughout the whole day, count as well as your physical activity. It works well because it cuts calories somewhat while you’re developing your diet quality. This is the faster way to a fat loss program where you are going to follow three diet plans at a time.

theoretically, this will help you to burn body fat fastly. Put your focus on fresh eating habits, reduce inflammatory foods like dairy, try to eat gluten-free food which causes inflammation, pains, abdomen ache, and drink more water.


1)intermittent fasting diet:  It is also called the 8-hour diet plan. you should continue a scheduled eating menu with certain hours of fasting timing on each day. Dr. recommends it as taking a 16:8 window– 16 hours of fasting and then you can eat in  8 hours time zone. It's a more consistent way where you can avoid heavy calories, eat your fit foods, and do workouts. In 16 hours of fasting, you can consume only water, coffee, tea, and for the rest of the 8 hours you can take your meals. It’s important to match your fasting with healthy/nutritious eating habits.

Do you know which is the best part of intermittent fasting? You don’t have to maintain any restriction on your calories in an 8-hour time frame. In experts’ opinion, the 16:8 diets restrained plan gives our bodies a chance to prepare the nutrients that are stored in foods and help to burn calories fast away. You will see the dramatic results almost immediately in only two weeks.

Macro Tracking Diet plan: in this diet chart you only have to track the grams of “macros” you consume in your food per day rather than counting on calories, please also consider the grams of fat, protein, and carbs. Your macro diet will be delimited by your current body weight and daily activity level. plan and track everything you eat in a day. The only real confinement is that you are told to eat healthy foods only – if it came from the earth or had a mother, you can have it! Additionally, you are being recommended to go dairy-free and gluten-free foods and try to avoid alcohol/sugary juice for your first 6 weeks.

Carb Cycling Diet: It is an effective dietary plan in which you alternate the carb intake and this diet contains a specific lineup: 

                      ● low carb days: low carb-high fat days

                      ● regular days: modify according to your needs

                      ● low macro days: high carb-low fat days 

Fat loss journey ꘡꘡ Expert-approved exercises ꘡꘡Recipes:

After doing a three levels diet plan you can add some chosen exercise to build a faster way to fat loss program – low impact workout(at home) and gym workouts. Gym exercises are mostly a mix of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and strength training programs, it works well to coordinate with your nutrition plan and help in fat burning & muscle building process.

Most effective workouts:

Walk: thirty minutes walk per day plays a magic role in the fat loss journey. 

HIIT: push-up, sit-up, sprints, kettlebell swings, jumping jacks, squats, jumps, burpees, high knees, etc. HIIT fast way to burn body fat. Do this three times a week.

Yoga: Yoga is the key to achieving body balance, improving flexibility, and easing stress & depression, you may know many different types of yoga. From dynamic and fast-paced to moderate and stretch-focused yoga, you're obliged to find something good listed that will work for you.

Swimming: For getting better results, try to swim about four-five days a week.  You can start this with 15-20 minutes swims per day, eventually increasing your way up to 30-minute per day in a week.

Foods & Recipes:

Beans, broccoli, yogurt, eggs, veggies, salad are very much powerful in the fat loss process.
Use different sources(online, offline courses) to know more about a faster way to fat loss recipes like Chicken burger, chicken fried rice, butternut soup, oatmeal pancakes, grilled calamari salad, black bean omelet. keto overnight oats, grilled cheese with mushrooms, and so on and try them on your home and make a healthy eating habit….

practical tips:

1. Track everything you eat or drink: accurately tracking calories is quite impossible but you may assume the closer value but special attention should be given here.

2. Choose your day with non-starchy greens or veggies, eat more protein:

 these are naturally low in calories and high in water, which means they’ll fill up plenty of space on your plate and in your belly. Their volume and fiber will keep the body full, and the vitamins and minerals will nourish the body & mind respectively. 

3. Stop absorbing liquid calories in general: beverages, cold drinks, sugary juice are detrimental to fat loss journeys. Instead of eating soda or fruit juice, consume a lot of water, unsweetened black coffee, green tea are also great choices.

4 Make time for exercise & burn more calories than you eat: As we know that fat is metabolized more slowly than other carbs or protein, weight loss isn’t complicated if you can burn  calories than consume,

5 Sleep at least 7 hours a night: Create a pre-bedtime ritual to smoothen your body and mind & have a sound sleep for at least7 hours.

There are 6 Core Pillars that you should need to confirm in life:

1. Medical 

2. Fitness

3. Sleep

4. Nutrition 

5. Mindfulness 

6. Social Wellness 

A healthy life is a blessing, change your unhealthy habit into a healthy one and be happy.