Best Tips For Fitness Over Everything ꘡꘡ Strive For Progress

Every day when we wake up in the morning we should remind ourselves that we have two choices, we can stay asleep with our dreams in our mind or wake up and chase for them. It's all about our minds that we have to change for ourselves.

Fitness at work꘡꘡ body fitness꘡꘡ Focus on Perfection  


Even if perfection isn’t the real thing, you must work hard for continuous improvement which can be for work or fitness. I believe that even if perfection isn't a 100% attainable thing but pursuing perfection we can achieve excellence in everything, it’s a challenge to be whole. Your mindset does 99% of the job. If you want to learn and build your own kingdom, work is vital. Progress is more important than anything.

Fitness at work place programs train employees to do their role or being able to perform their assigned duties, whereas body fitness is a state of health that is generally achieved through proper diet, moderate to vigorous physical exercises, and sufficient rest, then you will feel strong both mentally and physically.

Committed to being fit꘡꘡ Do practices꘡꘡push yourself:

In order to achieve fitness, you must try to be honest With Yourself, It could be for work at the office or could be for your own health.  Some people like to wake up early in the morning and then try to do some workout, others prefer to work out after work… You need to find peace within yourself. It’s all start in your mind. For this purpose, you need to find out some best ways to boost your motivation:

1.     Every day try to lighten Up Your Goals: Your fitness goal may be too big for now, if you want to             shine it up you need to light it up every single day.

2. Track Your Progress: you can use notebooks, make sticky notes on your progress.

3. Delete Guilt: We have to work beyond obstacles

4. Focus Only On Your growth.

5. Get a Cheering Squad: a group of people who have a common goal to complete will be more                   convenient and effective

6. Try to find the Fun in It

7. Set realistic goals according to your daily routine.

8. Find your motivation: encouragement is the ultimate key to success.

9. Keep Going, don’t stop, transform your routine into a habit, practicing patience with yourself.

Fitness is first and foremost about feeling good and having the ability to overcome weakness.

Do you want to feel independent and stronger?

Create an image of yourself in your mind enlisting what you want from your life. if you want to improve your mental health and  Maintain your muscle strength with your age or whatever it is, develop a picture of it in your mind and remember it. Owning a clear mental picture permits you to quickly refocus on your preference. Once your plan is fixed, put it on your calendar and work on it, now it’s all about maintaining it. Having a plan that fits your personality and your daily routine will erase many of the barriers to keep you updated. Know more

Let’s talk about the idea of fitness now ꘡꘡ mental fitness꘡꘡ body fitness ꘡꘡Tips:

True fitness is all about being healthy and feel sufficient. If you want to be in shape do the activities you need to do, give yourself time, make your own lifestyle.

Here are some  most effective body exercises: 

1. Walking is the best: walking is something very easy and effective, you can do it anytime, with no equipment other than a pair of shoes or at home without shoes. If you practice walking 40 minutes per day it will provide great beneficiary to your health, increase your blood circulation, burn your excessive calories, strengthens your heart, and so on.

2.  The Squats: for your muscular fitness squats are so much beneficial. Help to burn a lot of calories and lose weight, also, lower your chances of being injured on your knees and ankles. As you exercise more, the movement strengthens your tendons more, bones, and ligaments on your leg, help to shape the lower belly part.

3. Doing push-ups: If done push-up correctly, it will strengthen the chest a lot, triceps, hand muscles, and even the core trunk muscles, all at one time. It is almost a yoga-type move that is not just wholesome to physical health but also mental health. You have to rely on your own body strength to stabilize you. 

4. Try to exercise daily: Exercise daily for at least an hour is ideal. You do not have to kill yourself from running continuously but you should have some sort of moderate chosen physical activities in your everyday life.

5. Stay Motivated: An important key to being in shape is to set goals, also keep a confident/optimistic mindset. If you stay positive, you will be able to push yourself a lot to get that desired body shaped that you've always wanted.

Mental fitness: It defines the state of mind, well-being, and having a positive mind about how we feel, think, and act in our daily lives.

Today from a scientific study, we have known that about 1 in 2 people are diagnosed with a mental illness by the time after age 40. The concept has only analysis from the past few years. It helps people to understand that we can develop our physical health by moving our bodies, we improve our mental health by strengthening our own minds.

It’s like as you need to take care of your body, you also commit to strengthening your mind, for achieving proper body fitness we should eat in a proper diet, exercise or nourish our bodies and do some yoga, keep watching the motivated film, documentary work, puzzle game, etc that helps to relieve stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better.

Striving for perfection over everything means being determined about learning, growing, improving, and achieving goals always work hard and give your best effort, you have to find the courage and confidence to be great. If you want to be an achiever at first you have to be an idealist. 

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