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Exercise and diet are the staples center of a healthy lifestyle, you should focus on developing a wholesome, fit and energetic body more than anything else.


Golden Rule of Diet ꘡꘡importance of exercising:

If you want to lose weight, consume around 1500 and 2000 calories per day. Researchers found that if you can reduce 500 calories intake per day.it will contribute to the loss of around one pound of weight effectively. Maintain a diet with a nutrition portion of 15% lean protein, 25% healthy-fat, and 60% good carbs. It depends on several other factors (age, gender, and activity level)

Exercise helps to lean muscle, prevent excessive fat from returning. Exercise without dieting is only half the solution but for the best results, you need to start incorporating good eating habits with activities if you want to maintain a healthy weight.

Ways to lose weight ꘡꘡ with or without exercise:

If you want to burn fat/extra calories from your body and lose more weight, you have to increase your daily activity level which plays a very important role in the weight loss and obesity reduction process.

In our regular simple lifestyle, we should include small exercises such as walking, jogging or biking, taking the stairs, going for walks outside taking fresh air in the morning, which can help you burn a lot of calories with refreshment. Increasing your daily activity/exercise is a great way to burn extra calories, body fat, weight loss and etc


Exercise may help in:

minimizing the quantity of lean mass you lose

increasing fat loss method

strengthing your metabolism system

As we can see, moderate-intensity activities are good for maintaining and developing your health. The more you work out, the more calories you will burn and you’ll lose weight. If your main aim is to lose weight, then exercise isn’t enough for your weight loss. If your aim is to become stronger, then exercise will definitely help you in that area. When you will combine regular exercises with a calorie deficit diet plan, you will lose weight fastly, you will become healthier and slimmer over time.

If you don’t want to exercise at all but want to lose weight, you’re likely to have muscle mass and will experience a decrease in metabolic rate. As exercises help to supercharge the metabolic system in your body. A lack of exercise can lead to muscle loss and effects on your metabolic system. On the other hand, too many exercises are unhealthy and ineffective too, and it may cause severe stress.

Try to make the plan diet with a combination of nutritious diet food in your three times meals, along with lots of fruits, vegetables, water.

Weight loss 240lb to 180lb in 3-4 months??

If you want to drop to 240 to 180 weight loss in 3-4 months that’s quite unhealthy. A complete body transformation isn’t possible in a 3-4 months’ time frame.

On this road, you must put special concern for body fat percentile, BMI, body energy, etc. At least you should take one year time for making this change.


6 fantastic things happen if you exercise without dieting?

1. You will Gain Muscle by Exercising: In the human body, muscles burn more calories than fat does at a faster rate. By putting on muscle exercise, your body’s metabolism naturally works better than before. Subsequently, 10 pounds of muscle try to burn 50 calories per hour, while 10 pounds of fat maximum burn 20 calories per hour. Muscles are good for us, as muscles help our bones stay strong into our old age.

2. Burn Calories from your body: Exercise burns calories. The more muscle you carry, the more calories your body will burn naturally.

Here are a few exercises and the number of calories they can burn on average:

By walking: you can burn 255 calories per hour

By biking: 364 calories per hour will burn

Doing power yoga: 364 calories per hour will burn

Other low impact aerobics exercises: your muscle will consume 455 calories per hour

Running about 1 hour: 455 calories can be burned by doing this easy exercise

The hour resistance training: 455 calories consumption per hour

3. You Sleep Better: Exercise plays an important role if you’re having sleeping problems or insomnia. Exercise makes your body tired, helps you to fall asleep faster as well as improves your quality of sleep (deep sleep). Exercise releases endorphins in your body, which are feel-good hormonal elements that give you a boost of energy and can make you feel more conscious.

4. Improve Your Mental Health: Here another excellent benefit we can feel if we exercise without dieting is that your mental health gets better. According to researchers Exercise also improves your mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and adversarial mood, increasing cognitive function, improving self-esteem, etc.

5. Life Satisfaction Goes Up, gives inspiration: you don’t need to modify a new diet system for a while after creating once, all you have to do is motivate, encourage and brave yourself. Make a new life promise plan whenever you face obstacles, dissatisfaction in life.

6. Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease: Exercise is one of the best factors in reducing the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease. Exercise can help to get smooth blood circulation. From an article on Physiology, we know about the importance of regular physical activity in decreasing the risk of chronic disease. To get the right weight, you must do exercise with maintaining a diet plan.

All in diet is one kind of custom diet that significantly will cut excessive calories from body while it is recommended to do intense exercises afterward, in this diet, you nay eat whatever you want then cut the calories by doing exercise hard, but you may be disheartened to hear that exercise let alone is not the best procedure to lose weight.

It’s about choosing the right options. Hope this will help, best of luck