Painful Blind Pimple On Nose - Causes, Treatments And Prevention.

A painful pimple that is buried deep underneath your skin layer and remains hidden or sometimes invisible is called a blind pimple.

What Causes a Blind Pimple ?

As we know blind pimples occur in areas of the skin with more oil glands. The oil glands within the skin are called sebaceous glands. Pores are connected to sebaceous glands through a canal called a follicle. If a pore remains blocked for a while with dead cells of the skin, and then sebum is incapable to reach out of the skin’s surface. As pores are typically larger on the nose and can clog more easily it’s easy to build up sebum in the sebaceous gland and which develops into a pimple. Blind pimple causes acute inflammation and destroys tissues resulting in scarring & scabbing. Here are the main causes of blind pimples:

1. Seborrhea causes blind pimples.

2.  Regular Heavy r makeup.

3. Excessive use of skin moisturizing creams & serum on the face.

4.  Various Sunscreens gel, creams, and lotion.

5.  Due to Hormonal changes.

꘡꘡ How to heal blind pimples in 6 ways꘡꘡:

These types of blind pimples are developed from a combination of oil, bacteria & dirt. This can be hard to get rid of, here is some effective way:

1. Avoid the urge to squeeze and pop: you should never try to squeeze or pop the blind pimple nose, this act of squeezing out the pimple ultimately worsens nose inflammation which can make the area more hypersensitive to the touch. Then it may even become more noticeable for increasing redness and marks on the skin.

2. Apply a warm compress: Warm compresses on the nose can help blind pimples in a couple of ways. As they can help reduce pain from acne. It is especially much helpful when a whitehead begins to form. In order to avoid burning your skin, make sure that water isn’t too hot. Temperate hot water should be used. Apply the towel to the affected area as instructed above. You will see the healthy differences in a few days.

3. Wear an acne sticker: it’s like a bandage that contains salicylic acid. You can place this sticker directly over the blind pimple. These stickers help to remove bacteria, sebum, and dirt from pimples.

4. Use a topical antibiotic: Modern antibiotics can help to get rid of any kind of bacteria that are contributing to the blind pimple. They also reduce inflammation. If you notice recurring blind pimples, such medicine can be used around the affected area as a preventive is very much helpful.

If you have sensitive skin, you may need to apply once a day and see how your skin reacts before moving up to twice a day. The medicine helps to get rid of the bacteria and inflammation, while the benzoyl peroxide dries out the blind pimple fast away.

5. Apply tea tree oil: Because of having anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties tea tree oil can also be used for hair fall problems, acne problems, skin problems, etc. You can get the oil from a natural health store. It is also available at many drugstores.

To do this, you have to mix one portion of tea tree oil with one portion of carrier oil (coconut, jojoba, and olive oils) Use a cotton ball for soaking up the formula perfectly and then gently dab it onto the affected areas, Apply this twice a day until the blind pimple heals completely from your nose. To blind pimple on nose treatment like using tea tree oil has maximum effectiveness. without any kind of side effects.

6. Apply raw honey: Raw honey comes straight from the beehive, contains helpful bee pollen, and also contains the most beneficial nutrients and antioxidants elements, this natural antimicrobial property helps to get rid of bacteria very easily. For hundreds of years, people use honey as natural traditional medicine. Apply a small amount of raw honey to the affected area and leave it on overnight. This remedy can also be mixed with water as a cleanse.

꘡꘡side effects & Treatments ꘡꘡prevention:

These bumps can appear in any part of the skin but are common on the nose, chin, and ear. They are more painful than regular pimples & basically look like closed comedones or nodules. It can lead to the inflammation of the lymph node behind the ear. It also causes a nasal blockage if immediate medical attention is not taken in a timely manner.

A blind pimple doesn’t have a head but it swells drastically making the pimple area red and inflamed or noduled. Popping up a blind pimple can result in permanent scars, Repeatedly Squeezing the blind pimple also increases the risks of pushing the contents of the pimple. Create an open wound

The nose skin has a lot of sebaceous glands, these glands are responsible for the secretion of sebum, which helps keep the skin moist and hydrated.

Steps to Prevent Blind Pimples:

Making better skincare routines and hygiene habits is the best prevention for blind pimples. If you stay in sweaty clothing or forget to wash your face for a long time then sweat pimples on face are seen and afterward, it turns into blind pimples. To prevent this unease remember to do the following:

●Wash your face twice a day on a regular basis and must take a shower after a workout or hot day. otherwise, sweat pimples on the face could be seen.

●Be gentle with your skin: products that are non-comedogenic and alcohol-free try to use them. use your fingers and wash your face in a circular motion.

●When you get pimples, avoid touching your face repeatedly or scratch, pick or squeeze at them. If you can’t resist yourself just remember that your skin will take a longer time to recover these acne scars.

●When going out: Wear sunscreen or hats.

For treatment: 

Dermatologists suggest some of these treatment options for painful blind pimples on nose:

                              Antiseptic - Benzoyl peroxide.

                              Gels or creams - Retinoids.

                              Antibiotics - (Clindamycin (such as Cleocin)

                          ● Erythromycin (such as E-Mycin) .