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Does 7 11 sell pregnancy tests


You'll probably take a pregnancy test at the doctor's office to determine whether you are pregnant or not. Fortunately, you can get a box of tests from several different websites or stores. Please keep reading this article to learn if 711 offers pregnancy testing! You can be sure that your pregnancy test is more than 99 percent accurate from the date of your anticipated event by following this seven-step procedure.

Does 7 11 sell pregnancy tests?

Pregnancy test 711 are frequently inexpensive and are available at many 7-11 stores. Pregnancy tests under the generic brand "7 choice pregnancy tests" are available at the store. Because not all stores sell 711 pregnancy tests, you can phone to check before ordering or visiting to the store to buy one if you want to make sure if there are any available. 

Are pregnancy tests offered at every 711 location:- 

Pregnancy tests are available in many 7-11 locations, but not all of them. Give them a call and inquire to learn if your neighborhood business offers a test.

Exactly how many pregnancy tests are offered by 711?

The only pregnancy tests offered in most retailers are 7-Select Pregnancy Tests, a generic version of 711. This pregnancy test functions similarly to other, less expensive tests. According to the advertising for this pregnancy test, it can detect pregnancy as early as the day before your anticipated period. However, it is not advised to use it before that time. Pregnancy tests can be ordered over the counter or online through 7NOW. Numerous of these things can be ordered using the 711 app.

How Reliable Are 711 Pregnancy Tests?

Consumers are hesitant to utilize a generic version of a product, such as pregnancy tests. On the other hand, most pregnancy tests from the 711 brand perform admirably on the day of your missed period. There is little change in efficacy when administered after a missed menstruation. There are differences between generic 711 tests and more expensive name-brand tests aside from pricing. Some more pricey, name-brand pregnancy tests might be more accurate before your missed period. 711 tests are generally useless during this time. In more expensive tests, the hCG hormone, which is used to determine whether you're pregnant or not, is typically more sensitive. This hormone starts to be made by the body 6 to 12 days after ovulation. Numerous tests fail to identify the issue until it is too late. They should ideally be used the day after your missed period or the day after, per the instructions on the container. Before that, they are not really useful. Contrarily, pre-pregnancy testing may call for the purchase of a more pricey kit if necessary. You will need to visit another store to purchase the more expensive varieties of pregnancy tests because 711 only sells its own brand of pregnancy tests.

Do additional convenience stores offer pregnancy tests?

There are many convenience stores that sell pregnancy tests. However, not all convenience stores might provide these products. We advise you to either call the business you have in mind or immediately dial 711 to see if they have any in stock. You can learn more about this subject by reading our posts on whether Family Dollar offers Plan B, whether Dollar General sells condoms, and whether Dollar Tree sells condoms.

Can I purchase a pregnancy test over the counter?

If you suspect that you are pregnant, pregnancy tests are available at shops, pharmacies, and grocery stores.

Which pregnancy test would be best for me?

What type of pregnancy test is best for you will depend on your tastes because they all generally function the same way and are equally reliable if used as directed on the box. If you're willing to pay for it and are aware that it might not be as accurate as if you had waited, a more expensive, more sensitive pregnancy test that can be used earlier may be the right choice for you if you want to try learning whether you're pregnant a little earlier than the first day of your anticipated period. One of the less expensive pregnancy tests can be a better option if saving money is your top goal. Additionally, it can be worthwhile for you to spend more money if you want extra features that make using and reading a pregnancy test simpler. Just make sure you read the expiration date on the box before purchasing any pregnancy test. Although less expensive pregnancy tests don't lose their validity as quickly as more expensive ones, they are more likely to do so if they are expired. You can be sure that your results will be correct whether you pay $5 or $25 on a pregnancy test, and you'll still need to confirm a positive result with your doctor (congrats!).


You may frequently buy generic pregnancy tests at 711. On the day of your missed menstruation, you can utilize these tests accurately and affordably. However, not all places offer pregnancy testing. As inventory varies, we advise calling ahead to find out what your neighborhood store is currently carrying.