Pregnancy chiropractor Near me :


Pregnancy chiropractor Near me

What Is The Webster Technique?

The general name for a specific kind of chiropractic care during pregnancy is the Webster Technique or Webster Method. All of the chiropractors at Iowa Family Chiropractic who work in our offices in Des Moines, Ames, and Ankeny have obtained Webster Technique certification by completing additional training and education. With the help of this training, our chiropractors can offer you the best pregnancy chiropractic therapy. We precisely target the muscles and ligaments in and around the pelvis and sacral using the Webster Technique. Our main objective as Webster-certified chiropractors is to correct misalignments to create greater space in the pelvis. Additionally, our patients who are expecting report less pregnancy-relatedproblems like nausea, edema, and sleep problems. We anticipate that making room in this region will eventually make room in the uterus, which will help with labor and delivery.

The Webster Technique's advantages

The primary goal of the Webster procedure is to correct any subluxations that prevent the infant from moving. Here are a few advantages:

  • gives the infant space to turn
  • decreases the likelihood of needing a cesarean section and promotes quicker postpartum recovery than c-section deliveries

The Webster Technique: Is it secure?

The Webster method is incredibly efficient and safe. There is no direct external effort exerted on the baby because it is not a baby turning technique. Presses and particular adjustments are used when using the Webster technique very lightly.


Why Get Chiropractic Care While Expecting?

Women's ligaments and muscles loosen during pregnancy due to hormones. The neurological system may be compromised and pain may result from this. Pregnancy is the most crucial period of time to receive chiropractic therapy. Incredible physiological changes are taking place in both the mother and the fetus. Within a brief time frame, it is a dynamic process. This means that regular checkups, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and careful planning are essential.

Prenatal chiropractic adjustments enable women to be and feel their best before, during, and after pregnancy, one of the most significant times in their lives.

It has been demonstrated that pregnant women who maintain an active lifestyle have births that are less complicated and require fewer interventions. The baby also reaps both immediate and long-term rewards. In order to keep you active throughout this period, our chiropractors at Iowa Family Chiropractic can help you stay pain-free and improve your mobility.

Other advantages of chiropractic care during pregnancy, according to research, include less interventions during labor, less need for pain medication, more comfortable deliveries, and shorter labors on average.

To keep mom at ease during her prenatal adjustments, the chiropractors at Iowa Family Chiropractic have received training in a variety of techniques, including the Webster Technique. This guarantees pregnant mothers and their unborn children the highest level of protection.

A better pregnancy and delivery experience for mom and baby can be achieved by getting adjusted while pregnant.

Pregnancy chiropractor Near me