The Right Way to Treat Skin Problems in Summer


treat skin problems in summer

The Right Way to Treat Skin Problems in Summer. If you live in extremely cold regions, summers can be a blessing for you. It's finally time to come out of hiding and enjoy the sun. But for those living in pre-heated areas, I feel sorry for you. Summer is the time to say hello to all skin problems. Your skin will now have to face the scorching sun and will have to fight problems like acne, rashes, and sunburn and visit the near Chughtai lab.

Just because some skin problems are more common in summer doesn't mean you should be scratching your skin all summer long. Knowing about common summer skin problems and their possible prevention and treatment will cut your pain in half.

The sun above your head is ready to suck the life out of you as always. If that sounds like an exaggeration, it at least uses up all the water and energy stored in your body. It leads to various health problems but the biggest impact is on your innocent skin. Let's learn about some common summer skin problems, so you know how to prevent them before they occur.

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Common Skin Problems

Here are some tips to prevent and treat common summer skin problems.


This is the most common skin problem in summer. If you think that sunburn is only when you see noticeable red spots on your skin, you are wrong. Sunburn may be marked as a minor symptom such as an itchy rash over a suitable burn with peeling skin.

Sunburn refers to damaged flushed skin caused by overexposure to the sun's UV rays. It varies from mild to severe. A first-degree sunburn only damages the outer layer of your skin and usually heals on its own within a few days. A second-degree sunburn can penetrate the outermost layer and damage the inner skin. Symptoms of sunburn are redness, itching, peeling skin, swelling, moist-looking skin, and mild to severe pain. To get rid of these symptoms you can prefer the Chughtai lab Lahore or any other.

The best precaution to avoid sunburn is simply to avoid direct contact with the sun. Wear shade hats and sunglasses and use an umbrella this winter. 

If you somehow get sunburned, you should use the following remedies

  • Use cool baths to lower body temperature and soothe the skin.
  • Use aloe vera gel and cooling cream.
  • If you have any swelling, take aspirin or ibuprofen.
  • Sunburn


It is not primarily a skin problem. In summer, your whole body suffers from dehydration. With its shiny and sweaty appearance, your skin can fool you into thinking it's well-hydrated. Unlike winter, summer dehydration doesn't show through flaky skin. But your body craves maximum hydration. This dehydration also affects your skin. Lack of hydration can lead to acne and dull, dry skin.

Spending time in the sun, pools, and air-conditioned rooms is the main cause of dehydration in your skin. The Chughtai lab in Lahore can be very helpful. It can be prevented by following these simple tips.

  • Drink more water.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • Make friends with hyaluronic acid as it helps retain moisture in the skin.
  • Stick to your regular moisturizing routine.


In summer, your follicles are more likely to get infected and develop folliculitis. Affected hair follicles look like pimples, but are itchy and tender. This summer, you can avoid folliculitis by following these simple tips.

  • Get out of your workout clothes immediately.
  • Swim only in water with properly controlled chlorine and acidity levels.
  • Avoid hot tubs and jacuzzis because they cause "hot tub folliculitis."
  • Stick to lightweight, loose-fitting, and airy clothes.
  • Bathe frequently.

Acne breakouts

Acne can be worse in summer. When mild acne and oil sweat on the skin, it can clog your pores and result in acne breakouts. The best way to treat acne is to consult a skin specialist in Lahore, but until then, you can use these tips.

  • Use blotting paper or a towel to absorb the sweat. Make sure to apply gently as rubbing can irritate your skin leading to breakouts.
  • Do not wear sweaty clothes, headbands, masks, and hats.
  • Use oil-free products this summer.
  • Stick to non-comedy products.

The spots

Rashes are the most common summer skin problem. Summers can be hell for you if you have even the slightest injury on your things, arms, or stomach. Mind you, for many people rashes are not just redness of the skin. They can be so tight that they can cause motility, wear away the outermost layer of skin, expose the inner skin to sag, and lead to infections.


If you have a skin condition, whether it's blemishes, acne, or eczema, summers are more likely to flare up. The best way to deal with all your skin problems in the summer is to consult or visit the Chughtai lab.

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